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The Canterville Ghost

Based on the famous tale by Oscar Wilde, The Canterville Ghost is a CG-animated family film about a three-hundred-year old ghost who finally meets his match when an American family buys and moves into his stately English home.


Producers: Robert Chandler and Gina Carter
Director: Kim Burdon
Writers: Keiron Self and Giles New
Executive Producers: Stephen Fry, Jerry Hibbert, Bob Benton
Cast: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Freddie Highmore, Toby Jones, Imelda Staunton, Miranda Hart



Constable and Toop


“A wonderful tale of crime, retribution and spiritualism, set in a richly historical London full of Fagin-like thieves and bent policemen… with a genuinely gory and chilling underbelly that asks questions about life and death.”

Daily Mail


London, 1888. Undertaker’s apprentice Sam Toop is a ‘Talker’, one of the few living people who can see and talk to spirits – and as a consequence, he finds them continually asking for his help to resolve their unfinished business. But something strange and evil is happening in London, and soon Sam finds himself joining forces with ghostly Lydia Lapsewood to investigate a whole host of other strange happenings – the destructive Black Rot infecting haunted buildings across the city, a hellhound loose on Whitechapel’s streets, the murderous return of Uncle Jack, and sinister Professor Fallowfield performing cruel exorcisms for an even darker purpose than they could ever imagine…