Alison Steadman’s Little Cracker: The Autograph

Sky1. December 2012

Alison Steadman in THE AUTOGRAPH

Set in 1962, THE AUTOGRAPH follows the young Alison Steadman as she pays a visit to The Cavern Club in Liverpool and comes face to face with members of a little-known group called The Beatles.

Alison Steadman wrote The Autograph to celebrate the precious memory of when she first met the Beatles in 1962. Aged 16, she tells her Mum she is going shopping with her friends when they in fact go to a lunchtime session at the Cavern Club, determined to get the Beatles’ autograph after the gig. Paul announces this is their last gig before they go to Hamburg.  After the show, the girls wait in the rain disappointed. They run an errand for Alison’s Mum at the post office where !!! Paul and John are making their passport applications. She gets Paul and John’s autographs.  ‘But he’s spelt your name wrong, Two Ls.’ ‘yeah, but I don’t care!’

Warm, affectionate and nostalgic  – and great music.