Paul O’Grady’s Little Cracker: Boo! A Ghost Story

Sky1. December 2012

Paul O’Grady in BOO! A GHOST STORY

After attending a showing of THE EXORCIST a young Paul O’Grady experiences a series of spooky encounters that will stay with him to the present day.


A young Paul O’Grady leaves the cinema with friend after watching The Exorcist’. They leave by fire door into the alley. Paul says to his pal that he’s desperate for the loo and goes out into a nearby doorway and unknowingly starts to urinate on a homeless man, which subsequently results in an altercation. On the bus home as he looks out of the window into the darkness, Paul see’s a satanic image of the tramp’s face reflected in the glass. He later has a terrifying encounter with ‘Lily Savage’ who is clutching a small dog. Back home, after being haunted by additional apparitions of the tramp he jumps into bed with his mother. Paul later goes downstairs to put kettle on and all the lights go out. He is terrified and sees terrifying visions of the tramp, his mother and Lily Savage.