Matt Smith’s directorial debut: Cargese


Cargese marks Matt Smith’s directorial debut, and was written by award-winning playwright Simon Stephens. Starring Joe Cole, Craig Roberts, Perry Millward and Avigail Tlalim, this mesmerizing piece is set against a snowy January backdrop and follows two teenage friends adrift in an urban landscape. While Carl (Craig Roberts) is preparing to go to college, his best friend Stephen (Joe Cole) is staring at a life spent at home with his younger brother Alex (Perry Millward), watching their mother die of cancer.

Stephen, unhinged and full of rage at being left by his father, and soon his mother, is a pressure cooker of emotional turmoil. His outstanding performance heightens the tension and leaves the audience wondering when and what the breaking moment will be, in amongst his hopeless and claustrophobic situation.

You can watch a preview of Cargese here: