On Sale Now! James Carol’s ‘Broken Dolls’.

Sprout Pictures are excited to be working with James Carol, the hugely talented author of the Broken Dolls crime novel which is on sale today.

Broken Dolls by James CarolBroken Dolls is the first in a series of crime novels which are to be released annually. The first instalment in the series sees Jefferson Winter, an ex-profiler for the FBI travel to London to assist on a particularly unusual and disturbing case. Unlike other criminal profilers Winter is more than usually qualified to track down psychopaths: being the son of one of America’s most renowned serial killers.

Winter has spent his life trying to distance himself from his father’s legacy. Once a rising star at the FBI, he is now a freelance consultant, jetsetting around the globe helping local law enforcement agencies with difficult cases. He’s not got Da Vinci’s IQ, but he’s pretty close.

When he accepts a particularly disturbing case in London, Winter arrives to find a city in the grip of a cold snap, with a psychopath on the loose who likes abducting and lobotomising young women. Winter must use all his preternatural brain power in order to work out who is behind the attacks, before another young woman becomes a victim. As Winter knows all too well, however, not everyone who’s broken can be fixed.

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